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About Us

We are the Asian Center for Foreign Languages (ACFL), the premier language school in the Philippines. Founded in 1999, the Center has transformed the field of language instruction, bringing innovative and effective offerings to new audiences.  

We have developed the first truly dynamic approach to teaching foreign languages, drawing on the collective expertise and passion of our founders. The Centre now boasts a multi-dimensional curriculum tailored for a wide range of languages, so that our students find it both easy and exciting to learn with us.

Our Approach

Learning a new language has never been so easy or enjoyable! At ACFL, we combine both traditional and innovative approaches as part of our highly successful curriculum. Our audio-lingual methodology, along with practical exercises and immersive techniques, will soon have you speaking with confidence.  Read more

Why Choose ACFL?

We are the leading foreign-language school in the country, with 18 years’ experience of helping both companies and individuals unlock new opportunities. Our highly-qualified, supportive staff offer you a choice of learning more than 21 world languages. Read more


To be the leading foreign-language school in the country, helping thousands of people to unlock new opportunities for work, travel and self-development.





•To provide innovative, practical and engaging language instruction, which makes learning a new language easy.

•To cultivate a culture of excellence, through highly-qualified and dedicated staff who support students to achieve the highest possible level of language proficiency.

•To break down language barriers and promote better cross-border communication and cultural understand


Do you want to boost your employment prospects? Travel to new destinations? Or open up new global markets for your company?
As the leading foreign-language school in the country, the ACFL can help you get there. Since 1999, we have been helping both companies and individuals unlock new opportunities. Our highly-qualified, supportive staff offer you a choice of learning more than 21 world languages, and our success rates speak for themselves.

With more than two decades of operations to draw on, you can rely on our expertise. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and have helped thousands of people with their language skills since 1999. Learn more about our background and vision here.

At the Centre, we demand excellence from all our team members. Our multinational pool of instructors are highly qualified, experienced and passionate about their work. Many have received their professional training abroad, and have valuable global perspectives to offer our students.

No other school offers the range of languages you will find at the ACFL. From Arabic to Norwegian, Bahasa to Japanese, we are truly international in our approach. Browse the full range of languages on offer here.

Accordion ContentLearning a new language can be daunting, but our highly successful language courses will make the process easy. The ACFL incorporates both traditional and innovative approaches, for an enjoyable and rewarding language experience. Learn more on our Services page 

Whether you prefer learning in a group setting or one-on-one with a personal tutor, we can provide the service to match. Our modern and centrally-located facilities are at your disposal, but we also provide on-site classes for our corporate clients. Tutorials and online courses are available for students requiring more flexible arrangements. Our full range of services can be viewed here

Whatever your language goals, the ACFL is proud to be your learning partner.